M104 Sombrero Galaxy

Friday, July 9, 2010

Solar Dynamics Observatory Daily Movies

The Atmospheric Imaging Assembly cameras are creating wonderful high resolution images of the Sun at several wavelengths. They are also available as daily movies.

I think they will be FUN to show High School students, at the same time they observe the Sun with Radio JOVE Kits, and Radio JOVE Participant data streams from around the world, and discuss Solar events of various types.

Please go to:
and choose a date (using the calendar icon if you prefer), and an instrument, from one of 11 choices.

I like AIA 171 (gold) because it delineates well the magnetic field of active regions, using iron ions at about a million degrees kelvin.

The resolution can be 512 or 1024 pixels square.

My many thanks to the Taxpayers who made SDO possible.
I am one of them.