M104 Sombrero Galaxy

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Preparation for Eclipse 170821

Eclipse 170821 preparatory links:

Links to Ionosonde stations:

At USA National Geophysical Data Center NGDC :


Description of Ionograms:
Computation of ionospheric electron density from the black line plasma resonance frequency in ionograms


NumberElectronsPerCubicCentimeter =

1.24E4 * PlasmaResonanceFrequencyInMHz^2

Example, at 10 MHz , 1.2E6 electrons per cubic centimeter

At 4 MHz , about 1.9E5 electrons per cc

 Typical electron densities

Eclipse 170821 preparations - Study of Wallops Island Virginia WI937 VIPIR Ionograms

Example below from:

Ryan Hamel 978-934-4900 <>
Dr. Terry Bullett <>     links to VIPIR   describes NASA Wallops Island Flight Facility

Mirrion Ionosonde Data:


Eclipse 170821 preparations - Solar Eclipse Balloon launch from Carbondale Illinois, with Student participation

"...At 90,000 feet, the video camera will be able to see some 200 miles out toward the horizon. Guzik said it may be possible to see the moon’s shadow coming toward Carbondale at a distance, though the group will have little or no control over which way the camera is pointed at any given time..."

More Preparation for Eclipse 170821 :